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Mosfetboard - "Dimmy"

Seven channel mosfet board based on d4184 mosfet - 6x5a 1x15a continuous

You can connect dimmable lights, pwm controlled devices like fans and DS18B20 temperature sensors to the board. They will be availible to the system via MQTT. It is controlled with a Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266) and the preconfigured pekawayMOTA firmware.


Schematic Schematic Schematic Schematic

Download PDF

Usages example

Control LED spotlights and one fan/blower. Schematic

Fusing example

Fuse the board with max 30a. That means you can use max. 30a current on all channels combined (4mm2/AWG11 recommended). Usually the wire cross-section on the ouput is reduced, so it is important to fuse these wires with exta fuses (channel 1-6 with 5a and channel 7 with 20a).

Firmware pekawayMOTA

We compiled a custom version of, to add the support for the PCA9685 PWM Controller.

You can flash the firmware with the onboard flasher using the VanPi system or you can use our Webinstaller. More:
see PekawayMOTA

Alternatively you can download the firmware here:
Download ZIP

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