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Tasmota is another great OpenSource project. It is a very well documented firmware for the ESP8266/ESP32 chipfamily. You can find all information about Tasmota at The VanPi system communicates with Tasmota via MQTT.

We can use it to control the Pekaway mosfetboard "dimmy" and the relayboard. To do so we built a custom version from the stock repo. For now it only works with ESP8266 modules.


Changes on the project

  • my_user_config.h:

    • added pca9685 driver
    • set default freq to 140hz
    • added mcp20017 driver
    • set mcp20017 in output mode
    • enabled wifi_manager as standard if no wifi is available
  • PCA9685 is used to control the mosfetboard (see PCA INFO)

  • MCP20017 is used to control the relays on the relayboard (see MCP2017 INFO)

Changes in Tasmota firmware

To make it easy for you we preconfigured the settings directly in Tasmota. Basically you only need to set the wifi connection and you are ready to go.

  • pin setup wemos i2c D1 SCL D2 SDA & D4 ds18b20
  • set port 8-15 on MCP20017 as a output (sensor29 0,5,0 // Configure pin 0 as OUTPUT and default to OFF on reset/power-up)
  • set mqtt topics
  • added mqttbroker 'pekaway.local'

Flashing PekawayMOTA

Download Firmware


Or you can use the VanPI onboard flashtool. You'll find it in the webinterface, go to config > system > flashtool.

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