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Quickstart Guide

You will be ready to go in no time!

Step 1

Burn img to SD

Burn the image to your SD-card. You can find the latest releases at

To burn the image to the SD-card we recommend using balenaEtcher. We also suggest to use only high-quality SD-cards!

Step 2

Insert SD into RPI

Put you SD-card into the Raspberry Pi.

Step 3

Put HAT on RPI

Connect the Raspberry Pi to the Pekaway hat or the Pekaway relayboard.

Step 4

If you like 3d-printed cases, you can download the needed files at

3d-case for RPI

You can now add your peripherals like temperature sensors, measuring shunt, display, etc.

Step 5

Connect battery

Now, connect your battery to the Pekaway hat/relayboard. The Raspberry Pi will boot up.

Step 6

Connect Hotspot

The Raspberry Pi will automatically open a Wifi Access Point to which you can connect to. The SSID is "VanPiCTRL_xxx" and the password is "pekawayfetzt". You can then reach the web interface at http://peka.way. If it doesn't show up, make sure you're connected to the hotspot and try to type in the whole URL (including http://). Alternatively, the GUI can be reached at

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