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Relayboard - Hardware

Pekaway Relayboard

Hardware Facts

DC Input: 8-16V
4x Omron NC/NO Relays
4x Omron NO Relays
4x Water Level Ports
RJ11 Shunt Connector
RJ45 Display Connector
40 Pin Raspberry Header
40 pin Raspberry Zero2 Pads
Wemos d1 footprint connector
DS18B20 Port - with potentiometer pull up
MCP23017 I2C Controller
2x ADS1115 I2C ADC - Waterlevel & Shunt
RF433mhz Module pin header
I2C JST connector
Multiuart JST Connector
i2c & uart breakouts
Dip Switch - Relay bridge switch

Supported Raspberrys

We support all Raspberry 4 and the Raspberry Zero2. (You can solder the Zero2 directly to the board to get a extrem reliable connection) If you want to use an older Raspberry 3 is these possible we had a special image for that but without some features and no updates.


Schematic Schematic Schematic Schematic

Download PDF

3D Print Data

Wemos Support

Our software und system is focused on the raspberry hardware. But we had add also a wemos footprint. So you can use some features als with a wemos esp32/8266.
see PekawayMOTA

For now we have only the tasmota based firmeware PekaMota for the wemos.

features pekaMota:

controlling the Relays
reading temperature
reading ads1115 sensor values (waterlevel)

features planed: shunt measurement
custom webinterface

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