Touch Screen for you Van

All important Information in one place. Water tanks, heating, battery status, etc. can be controlled using the touch screen.The data from the touchpad is synchronized in real time with the data from the web interface.

Up to 4 digital Temperature Sensors

​for the Van

Simply connect it, name it accordingly in the interface and you can read the temperatures. Correctly wired, this can create a 'smart' heating system with the heating unit that automatically regulates the temperature.

​Relays for Switching

Using Wifi relays or the relay board, you can add relays to the system to switch lamps and other devices. Our wifi relay board has four 10A relays, is powered directly via 12V and connects automatically to the RaspberryPi. It is based on a customised Tasmota version and an ESP8266. Our Relayboard works plug-and-play and provides eight relays. Put the Raspberry Pi on it and off you go.

​Web Interface

​Connect to the VAN PI and have all information and switches always available via your smartphone or laptop. The web interface works with all the usual devices you use to surf the net.

Full Control over the Heating System

Parking heaters are a musthave for camping on colder days. So how about a system that not only controls the heating, but also displays all parameters and errors at the same time? Our control system can do exactly that. "China Diesel Heater", Autoterm and Webasto parking heaters can currently be connected via USB and are therefore accessible via our system.

​High Resolution Measurement Shunt

 Battery monitoring for everyone. Our system has a high-resolution 16-bit analogue/digital converter to measure the voltage drop via the measuring shunt. So you can monitor your battery directly in our system.

​Of course, you can also use other sources for battery monitoring. Many batteries can be integrated directly via Bluetooth and for the self-built LifePo4 systems we have integrated many BMS protocols.

​Dedicated USB Connectors

​RS232, RS485, K-Line Linbus... We offer customised USB connectors to attach all kinds of devices. Just have a look in our shop to see if the right cable is already included. If this is not the case, please write us and we will see that we can make it work.

​Communicate with all kinds of Systems

​With the help of USB and the multiport connection socket, a wide variety of devices can be connected to our system. For example, BMS systems from Daly, JBD, Deli and Victron devices are already implemented. Devices from Renogy, Epever and others will follow. All important parameters can be displayed and controlled in the web interface or via the touch panel.

IOT Bridge

Battery, water levels, heating unit... accessible at any time and from anywhere? That's what our IOT Bridge will make possible! Ready-to-use with an app for iOS and Android and a special IoT sim card provided by us.